Support our Manager Sean Richardson in his Kokoda Challenge for Beyondblue

Sean Richardson's Story

Late last year, the week before Christmas in fact, my mother, the most loving and caring person ever, lost her fight against Melanoma. As I sat in the hospital for a week watching her condition slowly deteriorate and watching her take her final breath, I had plenty of time to think. I thought how is this possible, why my Mum, she's only 63, my kids won't have their Nan anymore. I realised how easy it would be to slip into a depressive state. Everybody asked me, How are you going? All with great intentions and I always answered with yeah I'm okay. But what if I wasn't? Would they know? Probably not. It was then when I realised that it is us that need to change our perception of depression. Us being men!

We need to realise that it's okay to be vulnerable. It's okay to say I need help. It's okay to talk about your difficulties. I want to accept the Kakoda challenge to attempt to change the thinking of the modern man and if you're not feeling great, then instead of answering yeah I'm okay, then say nah I feel terrible. Then talk about it, get it off your chest and release the negative energy that is possessing your body and feel great again. Find that rock of yours that is a great listener, not judgemental and loves you for who you are. Vent, you'll feel better for it!

So please join me in changing the thinking of the modern man, please support me in my challenge and spread the word. Thanking you in advance.

Laser Group leads Gold Coast charity facility revamp

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Each year, Laser Plumbing and Electrical Members from Australia and New Zealand host a charity taskforce project as part of the company’s International Conference.

The charity chosen for the 2014 project was the Gold Coast Youth Service in Queensland, which provides people aged 12-25-years-old at risk of homelessness or displacement with a home and supporting environment. Work on the charity’s premises were carried out in August.

Laser Group and Habitat for Humanity join forces in Charity Taskforce Event to address overcrowding issues in NZ.

As seen in Community.Scoop - 20th August 2013

Laser Group has been working closely with Habitat for Humanity on a project that will not only help address New Zealand’s overcrowding issues but will also see the Habitat for Humanity Restore at 8 Ormiston Road, East Tamaki revamped.

Overcrowding is an identified issue in New Zealand that leads to poor health, lower success rates at school, reduced future livelihood options and ultimately poor quality of life for future generations. A survey of South Auckland Mangere households completed in October 2011 by the Salvation Army Social Policy Unit found that 23 per cent of residents, and 29 per cent of children lived in overcrowded conditions.